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Space Quest Mania
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Fan series like Maniac Mansion Mania. Anyone create another episode with continuing plot of the previous one. You can put new characters, planets, etc. You can use any graphic style as you want. You can create any genre of a game.

In Ru-community we created 6 series. I've recently make English translations for it. These ones are very small and with simple graphics. Really, there're also graphic remakes, but I didn't finish English version of it yet.

Space Quest Mania

1x1 --- Ship || Sledgy (580 kb)
1x2 --- On some planet || Andrej200895 (680 kb)
1x3 --- Escape || Andrej200895 (752 kb)
1x4 --- Outside || Andrej200895 (700 kb)
1x5 --- New ship || adm244 (1 Mb)
1x6 --- Planet of non-scared cosmetologists || Andrej200895 (773 kb)

English translation pack (1x1-1x6)



The first two remakes

1x1 + Eng tra
1x2 (English version, but with Russian menus) - I recommend you to use all cursor icons everywhere


P.S. I know these episodes are not the same as MMM's. But new AGSers can fix it in the new ones. I created small the first episode just due I hadn't time for it and it was just for start
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Re: Space Quest Mania
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1x7 --- Zombies Attack (demo) (made by adm244) (with English version)

1x7 sourcecode (ags3.21)

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