Author Topic: Coloring Ball 26.01 - 09.02: "Super Bowl commercials" Winner announced!  (Read 3147 times)


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Gold       ~    Eric

Silver     ~    selmiak

Bronze    ~    Cat

the entries are really cool  -  inclusive the trophies! 

The results are in:

1st place: Tabata     

2nd place: Cat             

3rd place: Eric                 

And a bonus trophy for all the participants - the AGS cup of happiness:   

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated!

Also, if anyone is interested, here's the points and award criteria:
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Gold = 3 points, Silver = 2 points, Bronze = 1 point

Tabata: 20 points
Eric, selmiak, cat: all 10 points
HanaIndiana: 4 points

Since selmiak had less golds (0) than cat (2) and Eric (2), selmiak sadly had to settle for the 4th place.
This still left a tie between Eric and cat, whose votes were exactly the same, so I had to cast my own votes and thus awarded 2nd to cat and 3rd to Eric.
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Good job, everyone! I look forward to the next one, Tabata!


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damned, so close. Congrats to all winners and participants.


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Yay, a trophy! Even if it's just a 'participant' one, it's a nice one and I'll take it! Thanks for the fun contest Hobo :)


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Looking at all the cool entries I don't feel like I deserve that trophy (roll)
– but hey –    I WON!   YAY!   

Thanks alot for all the votes and the trophy!  :kiss:

I'll try to come up with a new shape the next days to keep you busy ;)