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Cale Quest
« on: 18 May 2014, 08:48 »
Cale Quest is a great game, and really enjoyable. But I'm stuck on a few parts. I've gotten the tomato, bread, mayo, bacon and lettuce (plus other gear like matches, tree sap, etc) and based on points am over halfway.

1. Bearing in mind what Lantz says about the comic store knowing about bad smells.. and I got the mayo from there (which smells).. I can't work out how to get Ken out of the bar...

2. I'm guessing I need the lemon to stop the yodeller from hitting that high (pink) note. But can't work out how to get it from the kid.. he likes money, but I can't find any. Help?

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About 2.
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Steal a lemon

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when the kid looks up the road

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Thanks sthomannch. I completely missed that... I kept assuming I had to find money somewhere for him or another item. I then instantly worked out how to get the pesto too, and then the salami, and finished the game.

Really fun game! :)
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Ah, and for 1.
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read some comics. Look at them in the shop

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rubber band / rubber tube, newspaper (combine in inventory), hair

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Hi everybody

I'm stuck right after the last two hints given in the post above.

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hair in any way, for both purposes. Found a lot of hair in the areas, but cannot pick it up, cut it loose ... tried everything for days now... really stuck...

I'm thankful for any help... becoming frustrated

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You have to complete another quest first
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Disguise yourself so that you can trick the grocer. In the game, ask Lance for more information

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You need the hat from the museum and a moustache

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Use masking band from kitchen (lower drawer) on teddy, use sirup on hair

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In the park, there is one tree that looks different than the others. It is a maple tree. Use jar on stem, then cook the sap

The next quest is straightforward

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thx mate ! solved it now !

I had already figured out about hints #1+2.
Thought to have tried hint #3 before. (when i get stuck it's usually because of that)
I would never had found that about hint #4.

Great Game ! I especially liked the scenes when they were talking about Ken's "PART" ! :grin: