Author Topic: MODULE: BlobModule v1.00 - Module to help with pixel hunting  (Read 848 times)

This module replaces the mouse x,y with Blob.x & Blob.y so that objects that are small within a game can be found easier.
I have included a simple demo & documentation.

Basically it searches for any object within a square of 17x17 pixels (there is a #define which is set at 8 so it searches 8 pixels left/right and up/down) with the mouse coordinates at the center, then returns the x,y of that object. Its to make small objects easier to find (less pixel hunting).

This is a very simple module (my first) and hasn't been tested fully (I am using it in the game I'm creating), you will need AGS 3.0 or above to use it.

Download here.

Feel free to post any improvements comments etc.
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