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A couple of very basic mini-games.
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Firstly many thanks to the author for this program, it is a really great tool I think and amazingly avaiolable for free.

Anyway last week I tried to make a couple of mini-adventures.  They are really small and the graphics are terrible and functionality and playability I really have no idea.  But they should hopefully be functional and completable.  Anyway I don't know where to upload etc. so I just put on Zippyshare and have the links here (I hope that is ok).

1. Murder in Baden

2. Marc Antione in the Massif D'Esterel

They should work stand-alone as executables in the zip files.  There are a couple of small readme files in text format also.

Anyway mayn thanks to anyone who might feel like trying one out etc.  Once again they are not professional or even remotely so in any way so I apologise in advance.  If anyone would like to give feedback or anything (I don't think I will really do any more) feel free to email me at

Many thanks,

Pierre Shlimon

Re: A couple of very basic mini-games.
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I tried them but they're unplayable. I wouldn't mind the graphics, but there's no indication of hotspots, exits or what I'm supposed to be doing.
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Re: A couple of very basic mini-games.
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Many thanks for trying them at least and the feedback.  I think maybe I was trying to pull off something too different (like you have to try and find hotspots or something).  Probably it was a bad idea.  But thanks anyway and if I do something more workable I will try and upload it for testing.


Re: A couple of very basic mini-games.
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Links expired :-X
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