Author Topic: PLUGIN: Is the Snow/Rain 2.02 still working with AGS 3.5.0?  (Read 582 times)

Hello dear people of this Forum,

I recently started to work myself into AGS and i am really hooked.
Lately i am stuck on one problem i seem to not find any help in older posts, videos, tutorials or guides around the forums here or via google.
I want to use the Plugin Snow/Rain 2.02, but after installing (copy the extracted files into the AGS folder) the demo seems to be broken.
It is most likely my inexperience but maybe one of you could give me a hint where i am wrong.

After the demo is loaded in AGS 3.5.0 i see that it has loaded two new views (Rain and Snow sprites) and the room (SnowRain Room (including script code)) is set up.
When i hit RUN it throws me those errors:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. Failed to save room room1.crm; details below
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. File: room1.asc(1): Line too long (max line length = 500)

When i open the room script it shows this:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. Ý~isý,s¬•mï‚kwH>€­ŒkïwtLÛ Q@l4r|nN<s¨mïwtL-mgL(ïSW%-`ŒaB#/WWÿ QL–s>ïcPN2îXH•bÙu}sBBunµ=k>~ud@ö5Â*ï/74ÿAoq°mïuwwÿ@{n´W{i~D@,dµ‘^A‚(xB@qdµ=!1tntQ3,e¨^8}1éî, Q=þ>nnQA€º‚mCxvlÿC|™~b=5[sNE,c¬ƒZD{|%U7qvºLe>~xxìØ,vL6 LEB I<„Z6 LEB I†^F/(%ÿîXn¶ LEBÛgk"t|XM=ƒC¬ƒZD{|[H3ƒ'g=,û/(%ÿî,gMï/(%            g=lAbmy1/um‹‚_0„ty57qvo=;(%ÿî,g=)ï/(%ÿ÷G Q=Ü(%ýd»‘b=v(xO3oh¨‰Exm|Rîrn¹=l=~?ìØ,vL6 LEB I<„Z65{ipD-whµ8s(B ,d½‚gC7uzRB,a¬=)ø/EB I½†^F/EB I³Œh?/EB        g=lAbmy2<{v†^F7(%ÿî,xIï/(%ÿî,g=ï/(%ú,g=ï/(%ÿî,g=ïB4%ÿî,g=ï@(%ÿî,(‚*ï/{w23€RµŒp%xm|î,g=;(%ÿî,g=ï/(%ÿî,/s=ï/(%ÿî,g=ï/(%ú,g=ï/(%î,g="
  2. %ÿA~R¬‘L=~[H3ƒ'g=ï/(8 î,g=ï/(%ÿî,g=)û/(%ÿî,g=ï/(%ÿî,2s=ï/(%ÿî,2g=ï/1@ìØ,g=Ù/(xQ!qs™~b=UiqK!|d¬!B81<(‚=þ>{jSBum®=]A~xxÿ4mk³†g6/{uD3poŠb=/:8ú,l¨•D8.Ûgk"t|XM=ƒC¹†_CaisF344sQ)øJ(%ÿý;r¬‘m8}o%E:mj¬3qkSî~`µ„^÷{mkSý~h®…mø/0rH<,4s=f0‡(9÷G Q=B[jS!zn¾cZ;{[uD3p'|M%

I did not edit any of the files yet, the Plugin is actived.
Thanks for any advice.

Best regards


Your room Script looks corrupted.