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Doing a Christmas stream for everyone who wants to escape the turkey and trying relatives- or has no food or relatives to escape. Tomorrow 12:30 PST!

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I interviewed James Dearden @TechnocratGames with news on the amazing Technobabylon 2, point and click adventuregames, Deus Ex, cyberpunk & the secret key to drunk-tweeting Warren Spector (Deus Ex) & Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon)! :D

Also, Neofeud is still 60% off! Get it quick!

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Neofeud is on sale in the Steam Lunar New Year sale :D

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Neofeud is on sale this week! If you can't wait for Beyond a Steel Sky and are jonesing for a cyberpunk adventure right now, have a look! :) "The works of William Gibson, games like Deus Ex were the building blocks that create the world of Neofeud... A dystopian cyberpunk adventure that needs to be experienced." --HyperLightUp

If you'd like to help me finish Neofeud 2, I am supporting development of it entirely with sales of Neofeud 1 right now. :) Here's one of the latest scenes from Neofeud 2, which I'm trying to make even better than the first:

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Silverspook, is you that decide when and how the game have to be on sale?


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Developers can arrange their own sales every so often, but there are also store-wide sales set by Steam. Those are like the Summer Sale, Winter, Fall, etc.

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Currently playing it, enjoying the story immensely but came across a bug.
Spoiler: ShowHide

When you head back to Goetzel's lab when he's alive, I've spoken to him and got the Jack of Diamonds clue, read the phone, read the notes and got stuck. Tried to leave and the game asked me to leave and then the game started playing the scene of dialogue when The Artist comes out, the vat falls and the characters live and end up in Norman's office and the following error appears:

"in "room42.asc," line 326
Error: FaceCharacter: Characters are in different rooms."

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Glad you're enjoying Neofeud xandmatt, and thanks for getting it as well as reporting the bug! Will look into that for a future update.

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Happy Mothers Day! Sentient Humanoid, Chimera, Transhuman or otherwise, may your mother's cyberpunk dystopia be slightly less so than the one in Neofeud.

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Neofeud is 60% off right now!

"Wow, what a journey. Took me more than 12 hours, and it felt like I played through 2-3 sci-fi games, that's how much content is in the game. The art style is something I've never seen in video games. The puzzles are fine (a few times had to check a walkthrough, but that's normal in adventure games). User interface can be a bit clunky at times, but overall a very unique experience, with an interesting sci-fi story, fleshed out characters, and top-notch soundtrack.

Neofeud is a very underrated game, only has 42 reviews on Steam. Also the sequel is under way, so its a good time to jump in. And by doing so you support a passion project of one man. I cannot fathom how can one person be so multi talented, to be able to write(story and dialogue), program, voice act, and make art and animation. A strong recommendation for adventure games fans, if you like Wadjet-Eye Games, this is up your alley." --Steam Reviewer

If you've played and enjoyed Neofeud, it would help me out a ton if you've got a second to leave even a very short review! I've only got 44 so far and if Neofeud can get to 50 it would help give it visibility. If not, no worries!