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Mouth for war:
Ok this is the rumpus room but if this is TOO damn stupid just delete it! :D But when an update/install or whatever has that progressbar and it says 100% complete but you still must wait. That's what really grinds my gears! (Yeah family guy reference there) Maybe I should keep this thread to have a new grind every week!!!! Anyone with me? Check in for next weeks complaints!!!! :D

Retro Wolf:
Or where it gets to 90% really fast then crawls to the end! It should be a consistent speed throughout! And the "time left" always fluctuates or is completely wrong!


--- Quote from: Retro Wolf on 24 Sep 2015, 14:23 ---And the "time left" always fluctuates or is completely wrong!

--- End quote ---

I always picture a talk-show host saying:

"Do we have time for the clip before the commercial break? We do? Oh wait, my producer is telling me we don't. (CLIP STARTS) Well it looks like we do...(CLIP GETS YANKED)...Apparently we don't so we'll see you back here right after these wor...(COMMERCIAL BREAK STARTS)"

Mouth for war:
Yeah! I hate being lied to! if it is 100% done so be done, don't be playing with my feelings like that!!!! How can I be sure of anything in life if I can't trust an installer/updater progressbar? :D

Well if it's any compensation, the 5yo in me still laughs at the 69% (laugh)


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