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No that's fair, Blondbraid. I guess I wasn't reading into Frollo's words as much as I suppose some might. There's obviously good reason it was upsetting to you as a kid.

Lol that second scene you posted! I've never actually seen the movie, so yeah I can see how that scene would be scary/upsetting (plus the dramatic music and clear terror on the woman's face is no help). Maybe The Hunchback has a place in this list of most F'ed up movies?  (laugh)
Yeah, it's pretty obvious what Frollo's intentions are once you see the whole movie in full and he even gets a song number where he explicitly states that he will have her, or he will kill her if she refuses him,
and that's just a minor part of all the horrible things happening in the movie, because the entire story is based on a Victor Hugo novel that revolves around religious persecution, sexual abuse and bigotry.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame might not be all that gruesome or explicit in it's imagery compared to most of the other movies people here have mentioned, but it should definitively be counted as a seriously F'ed up movie in the context of being a Disney musical aimed at small children, complete with tie-in toys. Like, I legitimately had a Barbie doll looking like Esmeralda I played with as a kid that I dug up of my old toybox just now:

Like, I can't imagine anyone making tie-in toys for Schindler's list or Apocalypse Now other than as ironic collector's items for film nerds, yet Disney somehow thought that The Hunchback of Notre Dame was suitable for toddlers.

I think it's F'ed up that a movie featuring this scene was rated from age 15 and upwards;

And a movie featuring this scene was rated G, deemed fun for the whole family:

I'm not the only one seeing the dark similarity between them?  8-0