Author Topic: Penga & Obcster's Chirstmish Adventure - Official Demo (2018)  (Read 1664 times)

Get ready for an odd and unusual comedy graphical point and click adventure game in this upcoming title "Penga & Obcster's Christmish Adventure"

Join Penga the Penguin and his retarded snowman named "Obcster" on their journey to find Santa Claus.  Who Obcster believes to be his father. But during their search they discover that Santa has crashed his sleigh and has been kidnapped by the "Ice Man". Who has been recruiting "The Misfits" from all over to join him in his evil plot to take revenge and turn EVERYONE into disfigured Misfits!

Explore an interesting turn on our favorite classic Christmas tales in this Winter/Christmas-ish adventure! 

Expected to be released in
Sometime in 2018

The Team:
Benjamin Shepherd
Ashley Smith
Julius Fullington as the voice of "Penga"

Penga & Obcster's
Christmish Adventure
( Official Demo Release )

Any suggestions or player input will be appreciated.

Contact: or any of the following social links below! :)

This demo consists of building Penga's snowman “Obcster”.


Download Here:

Download Official Demo here:
AGS Game Database:

Looking for bugs, opinions, and other useful information that could better the game

Follow the development process and insights:

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PM if interested in joining the project or marketing including Kickstarter
We are a team of two people and we are interested in the help of others.
This title is just an entry to to other titles we are wanting to produce.
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Stunning graphics and animation. This shows real promise. By the way, it's "pail", not "pale". You may want to have someone proofread the final before release.

best of luck!


Thank you very much for your feedback! And yes I do need it gone over and checked lol Thank you again :)


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    • I can help with proof reading
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Ok, played it. What an adorable little game. :-D
A few things to note though. Having an installer for such a short demo, seems a bit redundant. Why not just put it in ZIP file?
Also, it took me a while to figure out how to switch inventory items, so maybe make those parts of the snowflake stand out more.

Other than those bits, I thought this game was absolutely adorable. I especially loved Penga's reaction to his teddy bear falling apart.

Thank you very much for trying my demo :) I appreciate your feedback! I will see about making the inventory buttons more apparent.  Penga's reaction was suggested by my girlfriend who has been a great supporter. :D

For those who have not tried the new "Official Demo" it is fully voiced and a lot a changes have been made.
I'd like to thank my son for doing the voice of Penga!