Author Topic: Maniac Mansion Mania - Halloween 2005 Episode 3 - Day of the Dead  (Read 2992 times)

Here is another Maniac Mansion Mania episode for you!
Originally released in 2005 and now finally translated to English  :D

Short description:
Bernard wakes up and realizes during breakfast that people in Ronville are mutating to flesh-eating zombies and only Dr. Fred can stop this madness...


The original game language is German so you need to select the English translation in the setup  ;)

Have fun!

P.S.: You should play "Maniac Mansion", "Day Of The Tentacle" and all the previous "Maniac Mansion Mania" episodes (at least the translated ones) before playing this game.  ;)
There are several references that you won't understand if you have never played that games.  :-\
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Great game! Wish more of the MMM episodes were translated to English. Happy Halloween!

I just released a new version (V1.2) of this game. 8-)

What is new?
- Corrections of some door bugs inside the mansion.
- An all new shiny Italian translation. Thanks to the crew of "Monkey Island World (" :-*
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I so loved "Mystery On The Mississippi" so will be sure to play this one soon!