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Peder 🚀:
Last month due to multiple personal reasons I decided to discontinue the development of AGSA as the platform I once envisioned, and instead make it just a pure archive manually updated by myself.
I'm currently going through the process of adding all the games to the db, starting with all the games without a release date in the AGS db.
(so now at the start it's taking quite a bit of time, but once I get to the ones that HAVE release dates I should be able to implement some more automation to get the job done faster).

You can view the progress and a "preview" of the new site here:

Once I've added all the backlog of games I'll be adding new games once a week, or on demand, and at some point I'll hopefully add some filtering options etc.
After that I'll also possibly add more sections (addons, engine, resources).

Please take a sneak peak at the new AGSA and leave any feedback/suggestions you may have.

Also if anyone is interested, a lot of the games have really low res/quality screenshots, if you feel like spending time making new ones (one or more) please do!
Once done please upload them and paste them here along with the link to the game they are for.

Those haven't screenies:



The other two don't have a download link or I wasn't able to run it, sorry.


Peder 🚀:
Thanks Tabata!!!
I've uploaded and added the screens to the games! :)

Thx for your hard work Peder. :)
AGSA is essential for the preservation of every AGS game.
Any unavailable game is a loss imo.
Good job!

 Very good. AGS Archives with all it's advanced features will be one of a kind. It's 'teh way of the future..!'


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