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Author Topic: Out now on Steam: The Antidote  (Read 3348 times)

Out now on Steam: The Antidote
« on: 02 Nov 2018, 11:28 »
†‹Hi everyone,

We're happy and proud to announce the release of our first AGS game The Antidote on Steam. It's a classic point-and-click adventure game in a new jacket, so to say. The game offers a wide variety of puzzles varying in intensity. Are you ready to solve some real conundrums and have crazy conversations with your inventory items?


What was supposed to be the end of a normal week at the office, turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare. As Roger is ready to get in his car, he gets knocked unconscious on the back of his head. He finally wakes up, finding himself in a mysterious mansion and his senses are all messed up. He realizes he has been drugged and is hallucinating.

Help Roger on his quest to get back to his senses and escape the mansion.

- Lots of fun... and frustration
- Lots of hours of game play
- Custom made soundtracks
- Original and crazy puzzles


Buy it on Steam: HERE

We would like to thank the AGS community, and especially the active members, who take the time to help out noobs like us. Without the forum we would have been lost, we really appreciate your efforts.

Feel free to contact us at to let us know how you feel about the game or if you're running into problems. We try to reply mails as soon as possible.
Hopefully, you enjoy the game as much as we did creating it.
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Re: The Antidote
« Reply #1 on: 02 Nov 2018, 22:57 »
Looks great. Congrats on the release.

Re: The Antidote
« Reply #2 on: 02 Nov 2018, 23:13 »
Hi Stupot,

Thanks for your comment. Glad you like it. We are very excited to see where it'll take us. At least we had lots of fun in developing the game.

Should you play the game please let us know what you think of it

Re: The Antidote
« Reply #3 on: 04 Nov 2018, 04:56 »
There are some nice places that you got there in your game, the chair is good looking. Sadly I am not into photo realistic characters or scenery at all.

Re: The Antidote
« Reply #4 on: 04 Nov 2018, 06:37 »
Hi there Bunny,

Thanks for your comment. Too bad this isn't your cup of tea. But hey, each to his own.

We thought to go for a distinctly different style to match the storyline. Hopefully, this decision won't bite us in the butt :undecided:


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Re: The Antidote
« Reply #5 on: 09 Nov 2018, 12:16 »
What happened to the game?? The link seem broken...
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Re: The Antidote
« Reply #6 on: 09 Nov 2018, 17:27 »
We apologize for the inconvenience. Right now we are applying for submission on Steam. In the process we encountered some problems with Common Creative material.

Right now we are working hard on fixing this and looking at a revision on the graphical style. We'll keep you posted and be letting you guys in on this process.

Any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome

Re: Out now on Steam: The Antidote
« Reply #7 on: 22 Feb 2019, 12:35 »
Hi everyone,

It took us a little longer than expected to fix the final issues, but finally the game is released on Steam as of today.

Hopefully, people will enjoy the game. We're looking forward receiving any feedback, even the bad and the ugly.