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The Tale of Lonkey Island

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Hey guys,
today I present you my new fangame:

The young Grisush Thriftweed lands on the Caribean Island of Miele and wants to become a firefighter!
But after he has beaten the 3 trials, the zombie pirate ElChoco kidnaps the govenor of the island.
Of course it is the business of our hero, to rescue the govenor...

This story sounds very familiar but also very strange to you?

You're right!  :grin:

The Tale of Lonkey Island is a parody on the classic adventures of LucasArts. Everything is very similar, but also very different than in the original games.

- Classic old-school fan adventure
- Classic retro graphics and sounds
- Full length game
- English and German voice output to read for yourself
- includes 5 parts located on 3 different islands
- very freaked out story and puzzles including a lot of suprises
- alternative solutions and game ends

DOWNLOAD on AGS-Gamesite

Spoiler: ShowHide

I wish you al lot of fun!   :grin:

Note that the game's original language is German - so if you like to play it in English, choose the English Translation.

This looks great.  Can't resist giving it a try.  :grin:

Downloading it now.  :cheesy:

You grabbed my interest, now you have my attention.
This is something I've got to play. (nod)

Downloading now.

Right now I am in part 1 as I explore the city of Miele Island, but so far I can say I really like all the things I have seen so far (playing in german btw :D). I enjoy the humour a lot and how it takes a bizarre spin on the events of the original game. It took me a short while to find out how to get the cook out of the kitchen, but other than that I never got stuck so far. :D
Generally I am very fond of the idea of using all the assets of the original games to put them back together in all kinds of weird ways... it`s just so interesting to see what comes out of it (enjoyed this kind of style before in Quest for Glory 4 1/2).
I will keep playing it, can`t wait to see what other stuff still lies before me :D

I'll like to play but setting isn't right!
When we attempting play at full screen, it run smallest screen when with run as windows instead as full window deselected using setting.

Can you fix this?

but playable area is very small and you might enlarge as full screen!


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