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Home Sweet RoN
« on: 13 Dec 2016, 23:25 »
So, I am now playing as Guido and he's naked with the smiley covering everything. I have had him try every building, every door, and talk to everyone and I can't figure out what to do with him? I'm stuck. Please help!

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Sorry about the delay, I was busy over the holidays and didn't see this thread until today.

At the Realiser Mika mentions to Guido that he should go “Home” and wait until he hears from her. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the characters from RoN, but Guido is Chef Lucca's brother, and they both live in a residence adjoining Chef's restaurant.

Hope this helps without giving too much away :)

If you have any more Q's and I don't reply here in a timely manner, feel free to PM me.

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Decided to play again after a long time and now I'm stuck with Claudia.  Clicked everywhere I could think of.

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Before leaving Chez Chef Claudia mentions that she has to get back to work before Richy gets upset, and that the Records won't sell themselves. Now if you already figured out those clues and you just can't find the location, it's on the west side of the square. You can get there by continuing down the sidewalk to the left of Scid's bar.

Hope this helps :-D