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my tips to lonkey island
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it's important every time to right click on object to USE it, not use command USE, because sometimes there is a differnence...

my tipps:
you must LOOK to the gral on the chest in the vodoo-room ! Then follow the man ! So you can go to the forrest !

To get the answer for the riddle, ask EVERY PERSON in the game !

to open the safe, you must get the shop man away by wanting to buy something strange so that he must look in the cellar for it...

USE SAFE to type in combination

shop man tells you the last digit ! Ask you why, because he is making an association. So what are the other 3 digitis for the combination ?

you can't kill the dogs, but you can go behind the building through the door, that is closed in MI 1 ! Try to open it, it is not resistant against acid...