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Hello! My name is Dave and I am starting a new side project with Pinhead Games to learn how to use AGS more fluently.

The game is called "Forever Space" and it will be a small, highly atmospheric sci-fi experience.
While this is my first time using AGS, this is not my first time creating adventure games.  I was heavily involved in the creation of other Pinhead Games such as "Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs", "The Goat in the Grey Fedora" and "Brain Hotel".

It's been a while since I have had the opportunity to made a free game just for the pure love of doing it, so I'm excited to return to a community of talented artists and gamers!

I am looking for the following to help provide Background and Character Art:

  • Backbround Concept/Sketch artist - To provide the initial concepts and layouts of the various backgrounds
  • Background Artist - Will bring the sketches/concepts to their final stage
  • Character Concept Artist - Provide initial sketches/concepts for the various characters in the game
  • Character Animator - Will create the final pixel art and animations for the various characters in the game

Project Summary:
“Forever Space” is a 3rd person “Point & Click” adventure game about a man struggling to understand his role on board an isolated space station.  The story, written by Anette Petersen, will have the main character, Greg, overcoming a series of obstacles to ultimately discover where he is and why. 

The story will be told through a series of short interactive vignettes that represent key moments in the protagonists daily life while approaching and living on the space station.  Interactions will be used primarily as a way to explore the main character's personality and state of mind.  Story and Tone are the primary focus of  the game while puzzle elements will be secondary and only be used where contextually relevant.

The Player will be able to control the character on screen by clicking on various hot spots and interacting with items, inventory and other characters by choosing actions from a verb based menu.

The story will unfold by interacting with other characters and through solving a series of entertaining logic puzzles and engaging conversations. 

This game will be created using the Adventure Game Studio engine and will be available for download only.

Development Staff

David Scotch – Creative Director, Programmer, Artist, Game Designer

Dave offers 15 years of game development and design experience and holds a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design.
Dave's primary roles in this game will be as producer, programmer, and creative director.

Tatjana Pettersen –Writer, Game Designer 

Tatjana and Dave will be working closely to create a unique and atmospheric gaming experience. Her writing style brings a new angle for game storytelling that is necessary to develop characters in a multi-faceted but natural way.

Additional Staff 
Additional artists, sound designers, actors, ect may be brought into the staff on a purely volunteer basis.  Because the work we produce is Freeware, none of the staff are paid and the work is considered a “Work of passion”.  Should, at any time, the distribution strategy change to a Product for Sale, compensation may be renegotiated.

Design & Functionality
Art Direction
This game will feature a “futuristic dystopian” look.  While the story is often bleak, the environments should still feel rich with color, avoiding a desaturated “grey” world.

The graphics will be designed to have a "retro" VGA  feel to them, evoking the nostalgia of the 90's era adventure games.  Hand painted environments will be pixelated to to maintain a high quality richness in a "low resolution" presentation.

The characters will be hand animated with stylized but not exaggerated features (More like The Dig, Less like Day of the Tentacle).

In Forever Space, the player interacts with a “Pop up” or "Coin" type interface.  When the player clicks on an object, the interaction interface will appear on screen directly on top of the clicked object.  The player will then have the option of choosing between context sensitive options such as: USE, TALK, and LOOK. 

The player will be able to collect inventory items from within the world and use them in various ways to overcome obstacles.
The way in which the player will interact with the inventory is TBD

Design Specifications

   Size: 1280 x 720

Interaction Style:
   “Verb coin” style interaction with only contextually relevant options visible to the player at any given time.

Conversation Style:
For the most part, conversations with characters will One-Shot choice conversations as opposed to exhaustible topics.  For example, Once the player chooses the line of dialog they want to talk to the NPC about, the conversation moves forward and the player loses the opportunity to choose any of the other previous lines.

Inventory Style:
   TBD -

Estimated Timeline
Early estimations aim to see a release of the game by October.
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Hi David
I'm pretty interested in the «Character Concept Artist» position, and as a great fan of the adventure genre and years of experience as an illustrator, i think i couldnbe the right person for character concept artist. I have pretty little experience in game development other than joining a game jam in 2012 and making a game in 48 hrs. that experience left me interested in concept/artdirection but have not yet succeeded after graduation as a freelance artist.
I will leave some links to my social medias where i have published misc.art.


hoping hearing from you :smiley:

Hey there!

We'd be more than happy to have you on board!  Please contact me at pinheadgames@otterarchives.com for more details! 
I love the samples on your page and think you'd bring a unique aesthetic to the characters. 
Looking forward to hearing from ya!