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Re: [PLUGIN] AGS Controller Support (OPEN SOURCE) - v1.1
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I have been trying to use the Rumble feature, but i can't seem to change the values at all. Apart from raising the duration ???
Am i doing something wrong?
All i can change is the durations length but when i try to lower it. It rumbles 4ever instead. So i've deicided to use it as a neckmassage device when my neck hurts after drawing too much pixelart, kidding (laugh)
Is it a bug or am i not understanding the concept, i've tried lowering from 40 to 30 or 35 or such. Should i lower in specific values? If so please write some that you think might work.
I want "fast" short rumbles for an impact, not these 40 game loops rumbles!  (wrong)

Wished i knew what was wrong. This is the only code that works, if i change this a little either it rumbles forever. or if i raise the duration to 100 it will go for 100game loops, etc. But the other values, no

Edit: Should the gamespeed be set to 30 if i want 30 loops to work? :/ Don't want to do that, ofc.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. if (!gamepad.IsButtonDownOnce(3))  
  3. {
  4. gamepad.Rumble(65636,65535,40);
  6. }
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