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Sea Monster X
« on: 15 Jun 2017, 10:10 »
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I'm stuck with this maze. Yellow flower says, LRLDURR. Or is it RLLDURR? Left right left and right left left should end up in the same place, unless perspective of the character at each turn is taken into account, which doesn't make sense either. Purple flower is facing downward so from his perspective it is left right right. It doesn't make sense because you cannot go down up from the screen left of the purple flower, unless that's a hint to examine the tree. I did get the magnifying glass and burn the bush but it just takes me back to the beginning.

Re: Sea Monster X
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The perspective of the directions is from when you're facing and talking to the purple flower. I made a quick update to the game to make that much more clear.
The actual directions are left, right, right (the purple was right in consistently remembering this), down, up, right, right. That should take you where you need to go. Sorry about that. I didn't have hardly any beta testers, so it's possible I developed a few blind spots in how the game works. The maze in particular has been a problem.