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Gwen Darkly: A Speechless Case
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I didn't make one of these WiP threads for a long time so I couldn't resist
Gwen Darkly: A Speechless Case

Gwen is sent to the authoritarian Formidable Claw dimension for the first time as an emissary of the GAF (the Grand Assistance Foundation) to help resolve any inner disputes. She meets with Crabhands, one of the marshals of the Formidable Claw Queen, who seeks revenge for the death of his kin. He orders Gwen to commit a reprehensible act that she has no choice but to comply with - or does she?

Dialogue-driven adventure game where your choices matter and where you have to use your detective skills to save the day. You collect clues and then based on these clues come to a conclusion. There are 4 different endings planned.

Development progress:
Scripting: 55%
Dialogues: 60%
Story: 100%
Music: 100%
Art: 100%

Estimated release date:
Next month (May 2018)
Sometime in June 2018

More screenshots:

UPDATE: Sorry had to delay this for June since I was busy in May + I am slow at everything I do. :-[
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Unique art style, interesting floor texture!

Poop pants, haha!

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Thanks ManiacMatt. If you'd like to try to do the same thing with floor texture, what I did was I found a rectangular sponge-like brush somewhere on the internet and then just played around with the brush size, opacity and color settings in gimp.

And yeah that one particular character likes to throw random insults. :=


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what's this? Ibispi announcing a game?! Oh nice. Please keep the deadline, that crabhands guy seems like a pleasant person to meet, so make this possible please :D

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No worries Selmiak, if you'd really like to meet Crabhands I can arrange a date just for you two :=

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it may be a bit early for an update on progress but, since I've been actively working on this, here it is:
  • Update I
  • I realized that the font was too small, so I enlarged it a bit (in the mags demo the font was too big, so I fixed that thanks to Cassie, but maybe fixed it too much :D)
  • The game's resolution is 1366x768 (I forgot to mention this in the first post) and so far there are 396 sprites and 8 backgrounds in the game. This number should be final, but who knows, I may add something like a title screen perhaps.
  • Here's a preview of one of the uglier backgrounds. While setting up this background I forgot to scale up the guards there so as brewton and BrutalSlakt pointed out they ended up looking like child soldiers. I thought it was funny, hence the screenshot. You can also see how much more readable the font is.

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Looks great, I like how the heroine reminds me of Lara Croft in the 90's.
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Re: Gwen Darkly: A Speechless Case
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Thanks (although I wouldn't call it great looking, I'm still learning to draw with a tablet lol)!
And yeah Gwen ended up looking a lot like Lara cause that's one of my favorite female heroines I guess.