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setting Publisher and Authenticode (signature) for game.exe and winsetup.exe

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Every time I test my game on Windows 10, when it tries to run, it defaults to Not Run for me. And then I have to do a small click in the box and then have to tell it's safe to run the game or the winsetup for config.

Is it possible to make the game.exe file and maybe also the winsetup.exe trusted executables? And is there a way to configure the Publisher Name ?


It might be easier to dial down Win 10's handholding in general.

Apparently CAcert can provide free certification and using the signtool I can apply the certificate afterwards. I am a newbie on Windows coding, but mostly googling refers to visual studio... :( Is it possible to do this from AGS on the build phase?

The tutorial you linked to about the signtool doesn't say anything about a visual studio requirement, it just requires downloading the Windows SDK.
From what I can see, you sign the generated exe, so you don't need to involve AGS build process at all. Just follow the instructions.

Another thing you can try, is using the Desktop App Converter. It converts a Win32 app (i.e the AGS game) to a UWP application, meaning it runs in a sandbox and should be safe, and therefore trusted (and can also be placed in the Windows Store and run in Win10S). Whether it actually works with AGS games, I don't know...

Another option :-\

I Wonder what people who releases games on Steam does or if it's not needed at all and users are ok with it.  ???


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