Author Topic: [AGS HELP WANTED] Metaphobia - Advanced Coder and Sound SFX Artist [WE NO LONGER LOOK FOR ANYONE]  (Read 708 times)

Dear colleagues!

We are two men team, working on a game called METAPHOBIA. The game concept and art is finished and basically is just ready to be coded.

The game is a mystery/crimi/thriller. Mood and storytelling is inspired by Gabriel Knight 1. To avoid spoilers, we will give you more informations in PM. The game will be a freeware, so please count with that.

We are looking for a programmer to help us only with a few codes. Mostly puzzles and more complex animation scenes.

I am able to code almost everything: Items usage, dialogs, simple animations, etc. So we will not bother you with banalities like this, and you will basically just help us with those few complex scripts.

Here are a few pictures of our game.

Looking forward for your reply!

Contact me either via email or in PM on AGS forum.

UPDATE: 14/10/2017

We are also looking for a Soundeffect (SFX) artist to help us.

Contact me either via email or in PM on AGS forum.

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