Author Topic: Look at me. Look at my face. Does it look like I care about school? 1st chapter  (Read 2223 times)

hi everyone!

i'm a total ags noob (also i can't program for s**t) but i wanted to try it and maybe learn some programming ropes while i was at it. a friend of mine told me ags is kinda similar to java, and i do want to learn java, so i hope this little thing i'm doing will be of help in my training.

the story is about four high schoolers playing in a punk band. they need to find some gigs and get people to listen to their music. maybe they can convince the dean to let them play at the school prom!

for now i just finished the first chapter, it's really really short but it took me like two months, ahah.
anyway, here it is:

the 8-bit soundtrack was made with this plugin:

as i said, i'm a complete newbie, but i'm also super enthusiastic about games and soundtracks and learning new things, so if anyone needs help with anything - music, writing, whatever - hit me up, i would love to collaborate with you!

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oh yeah sure, will do as soon as my pc works again! i tried using wine on my wife's mac to take a couple screenshots but with no success.