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The Bestiary
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You are a Student of the Observers, making your first descent into the Fallen World. Your Teacher is with you, but you know your duty: Observe the fallen Creatures and return to the Observers with your field notes. But once you enter the fallen world you duty, your faith, and your life will be in constant peril.

Explore the Fallen World, an open map of streets and homes, an atmosphere of danger and loss. Its denizens have long since departed, but they've left secrets: a history of love and loss that changes with every play-through.

Observe the Creatures - alive or dead. Fortify yourself for brutal combat, or relinquish your weapons - the Creatures will know. Each Creature's description and location is set dynamically; find all of them and fill your notebook with observations of their decline.

Stay alive. Not even your Teacher can protect you in a world of floods, disease, and dark corners. But even if you make it back, the Observers may not like what you have to say.

- An open map to explore at your own pace, in your own way!
- Hundreds of in-game texts generated dynamically on every play-through!
- Fluid keyboard-and-mouse controls!
- Ultra-high-resolution 320x240 graphics!
- Original chiptune-style score!
- An NPC companion that may actively dislike you!

Graphics: 50%
Sound: 40%
Scripting: 75%

These stairs appear to climb, but make no mistake: We are descending.

This game has been my hobby since around Christmas 2016. It's been my introduction to scripting and low-resolution graphic design, so there's been a steep (but very fun) learning curve. I'm cautiously optimistic that a playable version will be done by Labor Day 2018. (Fingers crossed)


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Re: The Bestiary
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Well, it looks great!
So well done! (nod)

Oh, and you shouldn't assume that everyone in the world knows when "Labor Day" is... it that 1st May?
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Re: The Bestiary
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It contains any fights and game-over, Wynni2?


Re: The Bestiary
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Sorry to be US-centric - Labor Day is in September (end of the summer).  Most of the work to be done is graphics-related (including things like regions and hotspots), and carving out the time is its own challenge. 

And the game does feature both combat and game-overs.  At the start of the game you can choose to carry a knife or firearms - carrying a knife makes the creatures less aggressive, but if they attack you have to fight up-close - and they are deadly up-close (of course, you also have to get close to observe them :-D).  Right now the game is stingy with health but generous with auto-saves. 


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Re: The Bestiary
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This give a creepy eerie feel, I like it :)


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Re: The Bestiary
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Looks amazing! Love the story and graphics!


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Re: The Bestiary
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I like the style as well :)
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