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Love for Scott Murphy
« on: 01 Oct 2018, 08:04 »
I have just learned that Scott Murphy (one of the two creators of Space Quest) underwent surgery for cancer. Latest news that it went well. There's a go-fund-me page if you would like to participate financially or mention him in your thoughts.

I just wanted to add that Scott Murphy is the reason I became a game developer. Space Quest shaped my childhood, and during hard times, his work lifted me up and gave me hope. I still play Space Quest to separate my mind from the cruelty of this world every once in a while.

I felt I reached my highest in game development when Scott sat down on his PC and recorded a few lines for a cameo appearance in one of my games. Until now I still think it was a dream and I play that part over and over to make sure it really happened.

I love you Scott more than anything <3

Love for Scott Murphy


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Re: Love for Scott Murphy
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All the best to Scott!!
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Re: Love for Scott Murphy
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I noticed this on Twitter yesterday.  Clearly there is a lot of love for the guy as the funding target has almost been met!