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Peder 🚀:
The time has come where I no longer have the energy, time nor interest in continuing work on AGSA, so as of today I'm officially announcing that AGSA is shutting down.
If you've relied on your game being hosted on AGSA it is important that you download your games and find another place to host them!

I will no longer update the database with any new games released effective immediately,
and the service will go offline by the end of the year or when the current library is fully available on, whichever comes first.

What about MAGSAN?
For now I'll continue releasing a new issue every month, but instead of adding the games to AGSA and linking to those pages,
the newsletter (as you may have noticed in the latest issue) will link to the AGS db page or forum post of the games instead.

Oh, that's a shame. :~(
Was nice to know that there was a backup in AGSA.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for all your hard work with it and for as long as you did. :-D

Oh man. I love what you've been doing with the archive and would have loved to have seen it fully realized but I totally get that you might be tired of it by now. Thanks for everything you've done, dude.

It's really sad to see AGS Archives go. But all good things must come to an end I suppose. :~(
Thank you so much for hosting it all these years.

Thanks for the hard work, and I'm glad to see you are keeping it alive until gets a copy!


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