Author Topic: cannot find 'RUN_GOTO_DIALOG', is there a way to do this?  (Read 357 times)


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I have the following code:

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if (cond) {
                conversation 1
} else {
                conversation 2
goto-dialog 49


But the following error:
'Dialog 45(115): Script commands can only be used in the area between a @ entry point and the closing return/stop statement
Dialog 45(116): The command 'return' will be ignored since the script for this option has already finished
Dialog 45(117): Error (line 117): PE04: parse error at 'else''

If I alter lines 11 or 6 (return, return RUN_DIALOG_RETURN statement) - error still happens.

I'm aware of the RUN_ statements - return, previous, and stop - but there isn't one 'goto a dialog'. Otherwise I'd say by problems would be simple.

Am I doing this wrong? Is there *any* way to do this?
I'm asking because there doesn't seem to be anything on the net.