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AGS Cameras Tech Demo
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AGS Cameras Tech Demo

This game in production is a technical demo meant to illustrate and, perhaps, teach usage of custom Viewports and Cameras, which were introduced in AGS starting from version 3.5.0.
It is made in hopes to raise awareness of this new feature and it's potential practical uses.

"Technical demo" means that it's not a real game with a story and so on, but rather a collection of scenes with very simple gameplay elements.

Game is planned to have a number of rooms, each demonstrating certain interesting way of using viewports/cameras in game.
This game will be opensource.

As of now only 1 room is available, but with a twist :). Hopefully this is not a violation of GIP forum. I was hoping to have more ready, but production was delayed while both me and artist became too busy.
The reasoning for still posting right away is that this game may have an educational value for AGS users :), and separate scenes may be played and analysed independently.


WIP version download:

Game source posted and will be updated here: https://github.com/ivan-mogilko/ags-camdemo


* Coding: Crimson Wizard
* Art: Blondbraid


* Scene 1: practically done, may need polishing.
* All game: something around 1/5.
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***Waits for moderator to lock thread***

Just kidding. Thanks for doing this CW. Also, if anyone here was allowed to bend the rules a little, it would be you.
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Good idea. I haven't used those features yet, so it might be cool to take a look at the them by playing a small game like this.


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Re: AGS Cameras Tech Demo
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Neat way of bringing attention to the custom Viewports and Cameras feature!

Re: AGS Cameras Tech Demo
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Source project is hosted here: https://github.com/ivan-mogilko/ags-camdemo

Note that I still must discuss terms with the artist, so all art is temporarily replaced with dummy placeholders.

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Great works! Thanks CW for source code :-D
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