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Author Topic: Buffer exceeded in dialog scripting error!  (Read 279 times)

Buffer exceeded in dialog scripting error!
« on: 22 Feb 2018, 09:13 »
I have been making a game, and Ive came across an error than I am unable to fix.
And if you are asking "Did you search on the forums? :grin::grin:" Yes In fact I did search on the forums but I didnt find ANYTHING that would help me.

The error goes like this: "Dialog 2(1): Error (line 56): buffer exceeded: you probably have a missing closing bracket on a previous line"

 BTW: I checked EVERYthing in my dialog, and I have not found a single error, so...would you help me with it?
Dialog script:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. @S  // Dialog startup entry point
  2.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"How may I help you gentlemen?");
  3. return
  4. @1
  5.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Well, my name is Peter Fallow and I am a owner of the house");
  6. Dete:And, I guess you rent some of your rooms for money?
  7.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Yes, That is right.");
  8.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"I suppose you are investigating the murder of Mister John, correct?");
  9.  cPolice.SayAt(25,376,350,"Yes, we are");
  10. option-off 1
  11. option-on 2
  12. option-on 3
  13. option-on 4
  14. return
  15. @2
  16.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Well, kind of, not really.");
  17. Dete:Kind of?
  18.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"I-I did talk to him sometimes, but he never really wanted, we had little in common.");
  19. Dete:So..you had no relationship with the victim?
  20.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"No, nothing.");
  21. option-off 2
  22. return
  23. @3
  24.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Well..Mr. Richard has been lately very nervous and he is the one that taked care of him.");
  25.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"..since you know..he is or was on a wheelchair.");
  26. option-off 3
  27. option-on 5
  28. option-on 6
  29. return
  30. @4
  31.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Yes! Yes of course!");
  32.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"In 4-5pm I was with Mr.John im my apartment and we were playing chess.");
  33.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Then, at around 5..5:15pm he left and did go to the bathroom.");
  34.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"He THEN returned to his aparment and that is the last time I saw him..alive.");
  35. Dete:Did you saw anyone going to his aparment?
  36.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"I think at aroud 7pm Mr.Richard entered his aparment, I think he was bringing him a glass of water or some food.");
  37.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"I didnt saw anyone else enter Mr.Johns room.");
  38. option-off 4
  39. return
  40. @5
  41.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"He was friend of Mr.John");
  42.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"I didnt really knew him or anything so I cant help you in that manner.");
  43. option-off 5
  44. return
  45. @6
  46.  cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Hey! You cant take other peoples stuff!);
  47. Police: Actually we can, law enables it.
  48. cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Well, okay now, Mr.John was just-he..he didnt pay his rent on time!");
  49. cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Just..For the last 3 months he didnt pay his rent, and I just wasnt here at the time, so I wrote him a letter.");
  50. cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350, "Complaining about this!");
  51. Dete:Thats all?
  52. cFallow.SayAt(155,35,350,"Yes, it is");
  53. option-off 6
  54. return
  55. @7 //  ((This is where the error happens))
  56. Dete:Thanks for the information, goodbye for now.
  57. stop


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Re: Buffer exceeded in dialog scripting error!
« Reply #1 on: 22 Feb 2018, 09:31 »
Line 46: You're missing the closing "

(Notice that the colors go all wonky after that line, with all the code that ought to be black in dark red and all the strings that should be dark red in black and occasionally other highlights.)
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Re: Buffer exceeded in dialog scripting error!
« Reply #2 on: 22 Feb 2018, 09:34 »
Line 46: You're missing the closing "

Thanks so much! I was pretty tired after making that dialog so I didnt notice,it.