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Monsieur OUXX:
I intend on trying to develop a tiny game with monoAGS.
This will be a test run to assert by myself how mature and/or easy-to-use it is. I will post my progress here.
If I succeed, I will try to convert a medium-size AGS game into MonoAGS. again, I will post my progress here.

This sort-of blog is meant to deliver tips to anyone trying to do the same, and maybe be an incentive to start something.

If you wonder why I'm posting this on the AGS forums, then please read this thread and all the other threads about the same topic.

Edit by cat:
MonoAGS Repository
MonoAGS Documentation

EDIT 2 :
Things to add in the "get started" wiki:

--- Quote ---- if you can't build an Android project, it means you might need to install Xamarin (read more in the posts below)
- if you can't build any of the other projects, try these :
    1) make sure you have .Net Core installed (see posts below for links and version). To do so :
       - Open the Windows Command Prompt
       - type this and press return :
         dotnet --info
       - if you get an error message: then it means dotnet core is not installed. Otherwise you get the exact version currently installed.
    OR, if it still doesn't work:
    2) try to delete global.json and then rebuild the solution. This should specifically solve the error "The current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET Standard 2.0. ..."
- If the solution builds fine but the project won't start, check if you have a message similar to "you cna't trun that type of project". If so, right-click on the actual game project in the solution (asopposed to the other projects : shared libraries and whatnot) and select "Set as Startup Project".

--- End quote ---
EDIT 3 : those comments are now included in the FAQ :

Crimson Wizard:
Hey Monsieur OUXX!

Probably I should have posted this earlier, but since you started this thread, hope you won't mind if I link my own test games on MonoAGS here for the reference (and code example).

An important note: I did not use Editor when making them, because a) I was mostly curious whether it is possible to write a game without using any tool (spoiler: it is), and b) Editor was not ready when I started (not sure if it is now).

My repository with games:
(it has central MonoAGS repository as submodule, so you have to init submodule to make them build).

Games are in separate folders:
1) Game. This is the very first game made long time ago. Has a dummy scene with tweened objects simulating driving along the road.

2) LastAndFurious. The port of "Last & Furious" game previously done in AGS.
About 90% complete (no car collisions, no in-game track editing, and AI is glitching sometimes).
On another hand, it has this: Spoiler: ShowHide

3) AudioMixerGame. Implements an audio mixer system with multiple channels and audio clips, where each channel and clip may be assigned a tag to bind them together. When you start a clip, it chooses a channel depending on the tag. Also, each tag has its separate volume setting.
The purpose of this "game" was prototyping advanced audio system, but later Tzachs implemented his own right in the engine (haven't checked it out yet though).

4) LayerGame. Two rooms, testing parallax effect, camera zooms and zoom trigger zones.
Spoiler: ShowHide

PS. As you may notice, none of my test games actually feature characters or anything adventure-related. The idea was to first test out some basic game elements, and then move to adventure genre mechanics, but I got little too busy, and a little bored, so decided to make a break.

PPS. Should have probably prepared actual runnable games, but there was some issue with compilation output having a tonn of .NET DLLs copied into game folder, so I decided to wait until there is a fix for that.

Monsieur OUXX:
Nope! Don't mind at all ^_^

My approach is slightly different from yours : I will want to use the Editor as much as possible.

EDIT (unrelated) : dammit! :-D why do code geniuses like you guys already use expression-bodied members? They aren't even 3 years old! How do you expect people like us to follow? Lol.:= (don't even bother answering that)

Crimson Wizard:

--- Quote from: Monsieur OUXX on 02 May 2018, 16:40 ---EDIT (unrelated) : dammit! :-D why do code geniuses like you guys already use expression-bodied members? They aren't even 3 years old! How do you expect people like us to follow? Lol.:= (don't even bother answering that)

--- End quote ---

Did not even know they are called like that. Tzachs told me about these, and since they look kinda cool, I decided to use them also :).

Monsieur OUXX:
First experience when opening the .sln on my machine that has VS2017 Community installed (from Unity I believe?) --> It tells me MonoAGS needs the .Net Framework 4.6.1. I'm going to install it but is it really mandatory?

EDIT: after letting VS install the whole shebang itself, after restarting it I get "these projects are not supported" :~(
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