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New Adventure Game Creation Course On Udemy!
« on: 23 May 2018, 23:42 »
Hey guys!  Back in March I finally finished my 2D Adventure Game Creation Course on Udemy (9 months in the making)!  Covering everything from Story Development, Character Creation, Level and Game World Design, Voice Acting, Music Composition and more!  Although, the game engine featured for putting all of the assets together is Unity/ Adventure Creator, many here may still find some value in the asset creation sections!  The Course has been well received so far, and Udemy is currently featuring it in the "Top Courses for Game Art" section!

Check out the trailer for the course here...

Or checkout the course page here...

Use coupon code: ADVENTURE10 to get lifetime access to all 19 hours of video lessons for $9.99!

Hope your game developing is going well!

Talk to you soon!