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Author Topic: The "Black Stories" crime riddles thread  (Read 167874 times)


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Re: The "Black Stories" crime riddles thread
« Reply #2360 on: 10 Jul 2018, 00:31 »
Though, did she knew the background of the dogs? And if so, cause she should, wondering why she choose to walk in there with a cane. Maybe she just forgot and did not thought the dog(s) would attack.

I don't know if she specifically knew the dog had been beaten with a stick and, even if she did know, probably wasn't enoough of an animal psychologist to make the leap that a walking stick could trigger that past trauma.

It is, of course, only a theory that the walking stick is the reason for the attack. They couldn't ask the dogs or read their minds. But given the past hitory of the alpha-dog and the timing of the attack it does seem pretty likely.