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The AGS Help - a candidate for leading the future in the online help and the Manual!

I and Morganw have been working a possible candidate for the future of AGS Help.
The still in evaluation help project is hosted in this Github repository.
Discussion on the text and new texts and alterations is done using the repository issues.
The editing of the texts is done through the project wiki. The reading of the texts can be both throught the wiki and the webpage.

Positions Available:
Right now we need a person with AGS experience to do good writing on the visual Editors (Room, Characters, Inventory...) and possibly tutorials. Also someone that can do a reading and find texts that are not correct for current stable version of AGS (

You can only work on a page of the manual. If you are interested, you can discuss and write your text directly in the Github Issue page!
Once a task is claimed, I will mark it here with an "x" on the corresponding item.

If you have interest in writing on a different topic, create an issue on the Github issue tracker detailing your interest!

I'm looking to have this written until mid August. I want the project to be considered either mature enough to be moved to the Github AGS organisation or a complete and utter failure so I can test a different solution.
I believe that content generate won't be lost, even though code on the help itself can end being thrown away.

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM.

UPDATE (29th July):
Hey, the repository moved to the AGS organization on github and the wiki is opened for editing . I've updated the important links on the previous message.
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