Author Topic: Where do I find mail that I've sent? (as opposed to users sending mail to me)  (Read 256 times)


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I'm sorry to ask this question, I'm probably missing something.

I go to Message -> Read Messages on the website menu.
I see only messages that I can Read (as in /reed/); and that have been Read (as in /red/).
Where are messages *I've* sent? Sent messages that other people have sent are in Read Messages; but email's that *I've* sent are nowhere to be seen! :/

Actions and Preferences, for both Read and Send, don't appear to work - again, I could be wrong.

Unless I am missing something big....???
Or unless this is the wrong forum to discuss it - perhaps someone can direct me to the right forum?


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When you're in your message inbox, there are three tabs: Messages | Actions | Preferences. Hovering over or tapping on Messages opens a drop-down where you can choose New Message, Inbox, or Sent Items. Sent Items is the one you want.


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Note though that when you send a message there's a checkbox at the bottom that you need to check: "Save a copy in my Sent Items", otherwise it will not be saved at all.
You can set it to be checked by default in Preferences -> "Save a copy of each personal message in my Sent Items by default."


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Thank you all :)