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"Harry Potter RPG" is back !
« on: 14 Jul 2019, 15:07 »

I decided to put back online my game "Harry Potter RPG", as "The Sims" (from which I made the graphics) is no longer supported.

Role Playing Game made with Adventure Game Studio.
Backgrounds and characters made with "The Sims".

Based on "Harry Potter" by J.K. Rowling.

Create your Hogwarts student, his look, his House, and let's go for a year in the magical school ! The game does not follow exactly the books.
Increase your skills, choose your side, you are free to do what you want and go in all the places of the saga : Hogwarts, Hogsmead, London, wizard's houses, etc !
What will be your witch ou wizard's fate ? You choose !

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Launch Winsetip.exe the choose the English language.***Things you have to do in order to go onbard the Hogwarts Express at the beginning :

- Go to the Diagon Alley through the tavern, then go to the bank to get your money.

- Once you have money, go to the shops in order to buy everything from the list your get (except from the pet, that is not available) : a cauldron, a feather, scrolls, an ink pot, and a wand.

- Then return to the street in front of the tavern and go to the train station. Buy a ticket.

- When you are on the train station, take the ticket and use it on yourself.

- The Hogwarts Express will arirve and your adventure can begin !


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Re: "Harry Potter RPG" is back !
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I remember playing this years ago and having a great time with it.

The option of same-sex romances/marriages is great (and also saves a lot of coding)!

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Thank you very much ! :)


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Hey @Marion,  I don't know if you noticed but you have a severe bug in some places where the name is null and either crashes or shows nothing on dialog.

I don't recall where i saw the missing text but the crash is easy: start a new game as a girl character and go to the bank and ask for your account balance and ags will crash with a null pointer. If you try this with a boy character, it'll work, so it's probable that you're checking the wrong string. Cheers.

Re: "Harry Potter RPG" is back !
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Oh, sorry, never saw this bug. Thank you :)


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Re: "Harry Potter RPG" is back !
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I have a specific question on this:
How are the rules for copyright strikes?
Can you actually publish a game with Harry potter themes without problems?

Re: "Harry Potter RPG" is back !
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It's a free fan-game, I make absolutely no money with it. Just for fun :)
I never had problems, but if I got a message telling me to remove it, of course I will.