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The Antidote hints
« on: 27 Feb 2019, 20:42 »
Sorry for bad English, it is not my own language.

I new on AGS forum, becuas i just started lerning AGS myself. That is how i see your game on forum and buy it on Steam. I have played Antidote and puzzles ar realy hard, but i have done many puzzles now. But now i trapped in game. Can you help me?
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Re: The Antidote hints
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I have not played this game yet, but you are more likely to get help from people, or even the creator of the game, if you explain exactly where you are trapped.

Just Remember to hide any game spoilers (the SP button is for that).
Describe where you are in game, what items, if any, you have and what you have done so far. Then where you are trapped.
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Re: The Antidote hints
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Thanks for the reply

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I just finised the fuse and i am now stuk at the big barrel. I tink I need the fireplace poker to open it becauce Roger says thats a good idea but I cant open it. Do I need to do someting beforehand with it or do I need another item?

If someone knows someting please help me becauce I really like the game and want to complete the game.

Thank you