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Author Topic: Under the Silver Lake: a very adventure game-ish movie  (Read 670 times)


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Hi everyone, I've recently seen a great movie called Under the Silver Lake, which is like a postmodern Pynchon-style deconstruction of the 1990s geek culture with some noir elements (it is about a guy who's investigating a conspiracy and looking for hidden clues in pop music, video game magazines, and cereal box images). The feel of the movie really reminded me of oldschool 1990s adventures, especially DOTT and Sam & Max Hit the Road, and also the AGS game Al Gurbish in Nick It and Run. I absolutely recommend it for game project inspiration, and in my opinion, this movie is really asking for a retro SCUMM-style adaptation.

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Re: Under the Silver Lake: a very adventure game-ish movie
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It's a nice movie, but there are already lots of games about cospirancy and nerd-ism! Just some "graphic solution" is interesting, but I don't fin this movie so inspirational.