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Before you wake
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To further help me procrastinate from actually working on The Dollhouse Part 2, I've started a new project!
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Before you Wake


The Between - a moment that exists for the brief time between awakening and becoming fully aware. Otherworldly beings and creatures of the imagination known as Shadowfigures travel The Between nightly visiting sleeping humans or hosts. Each being has their own desire or goal that they must accomplish to continue existence. Some act as muses, and are fueled by the creativity of the human mind.... others known as The Decayed bring nightmares and feed upon suffering.

Sometimes humans make a connection to the Between. Some are unable to move from their own bed with sleep paralysis, seemingly helpless while they watch some of these creatures feed on their fear or catching glimpses of shadowy figures staring at them from a dark corner. Once in a while, a human will make such a strong connection to the Between on awakening that the otherworldly beings get stuck and are unable to move on.

Beth, 14 finds herself in this situation. This night she awakens to a Shadowfigure watching her from a dark corner of her room. This is where our story begins.


Before You Wake will be a 2-click interface game in which you interact with the Shadowfigures currently inhabiting Beth's home. Shadowfigures that get stuck are limited to existing in dark places such as dark corners, under beds, and in closets. Each Shadowfigure has a goal that must accomplish before the night's end, or will become The Decayed. The Decayed are the monsters that haunt people nightly, driving some to insanity. Beth must help the Shadowfigures or face a future forever plagued each night by vicious beings.

Story - 60% I'm still working on Shadowfigure designs and motivations
Scripting - 20%
Graphics - 20%
Sound/Music - 0%

And of course here's some screenshots

Things are still in the early phases and I'm again I'm working solo, so updates will be irregular. I do find that having a forum post keeps me a little more on task though.

You can also follow me on twitter @DurindePlays
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Re: Before you wake
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Sounds like a great creepy idea!
The artwork is sweet too!


  • Not a chupacabra
    • I can help with animation
    • I can help with backgrounds
    • I can help with characters
    • I can help with play testing
Re: Before you wake
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Sounds interesting. Best of luck.

Re: Before you wake
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I'm digging the atmosphere. Looking forward to giving it a whirl when you're finished.

Re: Before you wake
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Still plugging away at character portraits

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The monochrome and setting loosely reminds me of The Last Half of Darkness, which scared the living sh*zen out of me back in the day!  (laugh) Looks like a cool project!

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Did a little extra with the last portrait

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Think I might give character portraits a rest for a while and get back to rooms.