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Monsieur OUXX:
What is the state of the Editor? I've tried running AGS.Editor.Desktop but it can only read a project, not start one. I can see that stuff has been implemented to read from some json files, but do you have a dummy json file to use ?

Right. I did not add "create new game" yet mostly because I don't want to encourage people to use the editor in its current unfinished and unpolished state.
It is still very much "under construction".
If you want to see the current state, the demo game does have a project file that you can load, here (though I'm not sure the file selection dialog is currently working in the editor, I might have broken it recently).

What you'll find (if the file selection dialog is working and you're able to load the demo project):
1. The ability to play/pause the game
2. When the game is paused, the ability to select objects/characters/guis and either edit their properties via the inspector or drag/scale/rotate them directly on the canvas
3. Game settings in general can also be edited via the inspector (and you can also select and edit objects from other rooms from the tree on the top-left)
4. real-time updates in the inspector whenever you move the object/characters/guis
5. When the game is paused, right clicking on the canvas also allows you to create objects/characters/guis
6. Undo/redo keyboard shortcuts should work with all modifications
7. Pressing ctrl+s generates the code for all the changes, but currently the code is written only to the console. It also saves all the changes to json files to be used by the editor.

There's a lot of stuff that's missing, and what's there does not look polished, and is also too slow currently.

I'm currently rethinking my strategy for the editor as development is too slow. I'm considering trying to integrate with vscode and then using electron for the editor UI (or at least for parts of the editor UI).

I totally support the VS Code idea... why reinvent the wheel when there is a flexible and open source IDE ready to go?
I have no idea about the technicalities, but it must be possible to somehow generate the stubs or crawl your assemblies for autocomplete (Intellisense), which is really all I need from the "typing"-side of the editor. That must be a lot less work than writing a code-editor yourself.
So is the plan then to have a graphical editor and an external code-editor that complement each other?
Best regards


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