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URL button (or whatever)? (SOLVED)
« on: 09 Apr 2019, 17:05 »
So... just finishing the demo of my first game, Superego (you'll here from it VERY soon, I'll be posting an English and Spanish version of it on the AGS Games in Production forum later this month).

The thing is, I'm launching a crowdfunding campaing along the demo, and I was wondering if it is even possible to make a button (or something) that takes you to an URL from INSIDE the game. Like... you click a link at the end of the demo that automatically takes you to the website. I'm not an advanced programmer at all, so... sorry if it's a stupid question.

It is not critical, I can make it without that option, but just curious.

Thank you!
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Re: URL button (or whatever)?
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Wow! So fast, and it is working like a charm!

Thanks a lot!  :grin: