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AGS Editor available on Chocolatey (Windows package manager)



ags repository. If someone wanting to try AGS Editor on Windows and have Chocolatey installed, you can now run

--- Code: Windows Batch file ---cinst ags
AGS should install.

package source code is on GitHub

Added Release to it, waiting approval from chocolatey maintainers:

Edit: it was approved.

Monsieur OUXX:
I didn't even know that Windows had a package manager. That's pretty cool.

ags should be the default download now.

One can get an specific version by using the --version VERSIONNUMBER command. This allows getting versions that are available in the community repository but not yet approved by moderation, as also enables getting previous versions of Adventure Game Studio available in the community driven package manager.

--- Code: PowerShell ---choco install --version agsor

--- Code: PowerShell ---cinst --version ags
If you already had installed ags through chocolatey, you can use the upgrade command to get the latest version approved in the chocolatey package manager.

--- Code: PowerShell ---choco upgrade ags
One example usage I have of this package, is I need the AGS.Types.dll when building the Editor plugin of AgsGet (AGS.Plugin.AgsGet.dll), so I just directly install ags in my pipeline on Azure when building the plugin. It's not fast but it's simple enough that it won't complicate my CI.

ags should be the default download on Chocolatey now  8-)

(also today I found this interesting docker image...)


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