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Re: Feria d'Arles
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Hope you don't mind the bump, just a few updates..

Feria d'Arles on macOS!

Thanks to Edenwaith, there is now a version of Feria d'Arles available for Mac! You can pick it up on itch.io now: https://tomsimpson.itch.io/feria-darles

Tested on macOS Mojave (10.14)

Buried Treasure

John Walker reviewed Feria for his Buried Treasure site. Check it out here: https://buried-treasure.org/2020/02/feria-darles/

AGS Awards

Thanks to everyone who nominated! Feria is up for 9 awards. Now we're into the voting stage - The awards voting closes on Sunday 15 March 2020.

Best Game Created with AGS, Best Writing, Best Character, Best Gameplay, Best Background Art, Best Character Art, Best Animation, Best Music & Sound, Best Puzzles

Thought I'd give a few samples as a refresher, of if you didn't get a chance to check out the game yet!

Best Writing

Best Background Art - Construction of the Alley scene

Best Animation

and one of my personal favourites, the opening of Raiders...

Best Character - Molly

Adventure Gamers Aggies

Feria also got a 'Best Retro-Styled Adventures' Silver Aggie from AdventureGamers.com, alongside being a runner up in the Best Writing – Comedy category.


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