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Scripting tutorial #1 doesn't found
« on: 14 Jul 2019, 17:21 »
Hello, fellas!

Today I saw in the online version of the manual, more especifically in the scripting's section, the part 1 of this tutorial say this: "The Scripting Tutorial is online here:" and, as you can imagine, the URL doesn't exist.

I'm not pretty sure why say that, 'cause the part 2 of the same is working perfectly. Please, someone check this!

Here is the link to the manual


Re: Scripting tutorial #1 doesn't found
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jul 2019, 23:14 »
That's weird, but it's true. Probably some outdated page referencing online address got there instead of actual tutorial.
EDIT: Actually, some links in the manual contents are broken and "shifted down". "part 2" link is linking to part 1, and this is part 2:

Meanwhile you can use this manual which is currently being redone in another form:
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Re: Scripting tutorial #1 doesn't found
« Reply #2 on: 15 Jul 2019, 01:11 »
Oh, interesting! I didn't knew about the transcription of the manual. Why it's in github? Is a improved version?