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I've just announced our first commercial adventure game, The Drifter!

I've been working on it on and off for a couple of years, and spent the last month with the team getting art/audio in to show it off at PAX Aus, so feels great to actually have nice looking stuff to share. (Though it's a good while off release still, at least a year).

Website's here, with a link to wishlist if you like- http://thedriftergame.com

Here's the story synopsis-
Mick Carter's been drifting a while now - never staying one place long, moving from job to job. Forced to return to his old home town, he witnesses a violent murder, is pursued by mysterious armed men, and killed.

And that's just the start of Mick's problems.

His consciousness ripped away, thrust back into his own body seconds before his death...
Framed for the murder he witnessed, tormented by his own past, and haunted by a feeling that something followed him back from the other side...
Follow Mick as he's sucked headfirst into a mad web of shadowy corporations, murder, and the thousand year obsession of a madman.
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Re: The Drifter - My pulp adventure thriller (non-AGS)
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This looks ridiculously good. Everything about it is completely perfect. Can't wait :)
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