Author Topic: Reviving my old game project: Some Sierra-style backgrounds, UI and character  (Read 178 times)


I decided recently to revive my old AGS game project that I started many years ago - maybe it's now a right time to complete it finally!  :smiley:

The game is meant to be done in the spirit of the Sierra's classic adventures of the early 1990s - however in 640x400 -resolution.

Here are some backgrounds with UI and main character; obviously they need yet a lot of re-touching, but be free to comment.

Main character in the forest crossroads:

The same image with the icon bar visible (inventory-icon still waits to be done):

Main character in a house:

I'd also need some help with the main character's walking animation; if you're interested to help me with that (and I can even pay for help), kindly check this thread: