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JudasFm: There are certainly lies and subterfuge in your story and so it fits the theme perfectly. Interesting enough, the biggest mystery was not something any of the protagonists would find a mystery - namely the nature of the occupants of the cages. It took a while to reveal that they are not animals. I would have prefered it if the focus was more on the lies - Jordan does lie, but more in the backstory, I think. I agree with Baron that this feels very much like a small part of a much larger story. It is a whole story, but not a complete one, I'd say.

That's very fair ;) Having committed to submitting an entry, I ran out of time and it was pretty ragged. Although, to be honest, I don't know that I would have expanded on the story a great deal in terms of new plot developments, so Reiter would still probably have got the win :) Congrats to Reiter :D

Thank you all very kindly! A delightful little crop this month, and I shall dust my plaque every week.

I shall start the next round of the competition later today, so stand by.

As for my text, I must admit that I can hardly recall writing it, and I have an embarassingly loose grip on what it is about. It was a peculiar thing, born from a strange dream that I have had. It is hardly of a plot, and too static to be a story. Rather a tableau that wanted itself described. As much as it is 'about' anything, I think that it is about sin and mortality. Play for time, for all will be well.
It is fascinating what can come tumbling out of an inkwell, if given half a chance. These fortnightly get-togethers are a treat for that.

Once more, the next round begins later today. See you then, and thank you all!