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Modifying a few words in a comment is not reliable

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I hope this has not been mentioned before, I did not find it mentioned in this forum when looking for it.

When you modify your comment and add just a word, or sometimes a small sentence, and then click on Save, you can't do it and instead the message appears:

"The body of the message has been left empty" and that's regardless of how long your message actually is.

And then I somehow try to work around it by cutting out and re-pasting passages, or writing some random stuff and then deleting it,and then sometimes it works.
Or sometimes I go back and click on the modify button of the comment again, and the second time it might work better.

It's not really reliable and doesn't always work when you do small editings.

Please give examples!

I do small editing all the time, and never had that problem, not to say you not having the problem, just saying I never had. Though I have seen that msg before, but can't say if it's been in relation to me hitting the wrong button (like quote instead of edit, or new instead of quote/edit). So my sugestion is, next time it happens take some screenshots and post the thread where it's happen so AGA can see if he can figure it out why it's happening.

Example one

Uhm, maybe there's something odd with how the text is written (or some special characters that are messing it up).  8-0

Does this happen in all posts you try to edit, or only on some? If only some, post the links to them. Maybe that'll help AGA to try and pin point the problem.


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