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SQ Online-Strike
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SQ Online-Strike

In the future it'll be multiplayer AGS shooter like CS on the SQ12 locations. You can play for rebels or SP.

For now it's funny demoversion. And only SinglePlayer. Tab - change character, Home - change team.

It's a bit buggable. Especially SP bots. Play only for rebels.

v0.1 - Start version. One character
v0.2 - You can play all characters. Use Tab and Home
v0.3 - SP has scores too
v0.4 - fixed version for some moments
v0.5 - crazy SP bot (from this version play only for rebels)
v0.6 - crazy SP bot (fixed version)
v0.7 - now you can kill SP bot
v0.8 - with crazy SP bots
v0.9 - fixed version (SPs on the walkable area now)

v0.99 - Rebel bots and cheats and 10 rounds (fixed version)

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Re: SQ Online-Strike
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v0.98 - Rebel bots version maybe has error (you can turn they off via F1 key).


v0.99b - some fixed moments, but now there's new error - no aim to some characters
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Re: SQ Online-Strike
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Source code version (with some debug)

Maybe somebody can fix these bugs (troubles with cursors after 1 round, x/y coords of characters, etc)