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Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone to write a story and program it in AGS! I'm working on my own titles but I tend to get distracted quite a lot and start newer ones that go nowhere. Hence it may be a better idea to partner up with someone with a creative mind! This will help give me something to do when I have nothing to do (My free time). I know a lot of you will say "just work your own games", but I tend to burnout myself from working on the same things day in and out. This will help me take my mind off things, plus I'm looking to meet new people :)

There are a few conditions to this offering though (nothing bad, I promise!):

  • The game has to be accustomed to a consoles. Helps the porters when porting the game. That means the player will be controlled by keyboard rather than mouse movements(I have a few scripts for that anyway)
  • I'll be doing the artwork, animations, sound and music (Gives me a break from scripting). So I'll need someone who can script and build things in AGS (i.e like scenes, dialogue, puzzle ideas and more.)
  • I want to see what you come up with as a story idea! The whole point is to help someone's creation come to life! So I need someone to write the story, dialogue, characters and script them all!
  • Have to work under a publisher (This is how I gain most of my income) So it will be under a revenue share arrangement and not upfront payment (Sorry)
  • I tend to make a lot of horror themed based stuff. So if you're into that market I'm all for it! :) (Just no medieval stuff please. Looking for more of a modern setting.)

If you're interested hit me up at (If you have discord even better! I'll give it out in my email)

I'll be leaving this open for a few weeks until I either find someone or get no replies. I'm only looking for one person so far, but hit me with your best story ideas! :)

Some of my previous/current games I've worked on:
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    • I can help with proof reading
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with voice acting
Story writer needed, eh?  I've written a few stories (heck, I'm even a published author), I might come up with something.

As for the horror genre, I have written a few creepypastas, but still somewhat new to the genre.  Still, it might give me a chance to try something out.  (No jumpscare stuff, though--not fond of jumpscares.)