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2d building renders



Any idea how to make a 2d building, shown only from the front, a bit more lively?

The above is wip, obviously ;)

Some pigeons on the ledges and an open window or two with the curtains blowing in the breeze?

Crimson Wizard:
Idk what the building's theme is, but right now it looks like a lifeless box which was just built.
When building stands for a while it deteriorates slightly. Walls get repainted, if it's a stone building with decorations some pieces may come loose, plaster comes off, making cracks or revealing bricks underneath, plants grow under the building or crawl onto the walls (depending on enviroment).
People who live there fill it with all kinds of stuff: various curtains, flower pots may be seen in the windows, and so on.
If it's modern times, people may install satelite dishes and those ugly air-conditioner boxes too.

It is supposed to be a game taking place in ww2, and the concept art just had this type of building. Plaster falling off will be done, and some windows can be open...


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